How Will Clarif Help Me?

How will Clarif help me?

“If an organisation continues to resist progress and decides not to keep up with technology, they are likely to fade away”

We understand that adding new technology to your business can feel complicated, but we are here to take that pain off your shoulders.

This is how businesses are currently using Clarif, how could you use it?

Instruction sets

Clarif can walk a user through complicated tasks step-by-step, pinpointing the relevant button, switch or display as they go.



Control Panels

The plant rooms of large building can be confusing places. Clarif identifies the name and purpose of each unit in the room and offers the user more information for each and instruction sets when relevant.

Art Galleries

Visitors to art galleries will often want to know more than the information plague tells them. Clarif can not only give detailed information about a piece with links to relevant further reading but will also highlight specific areas of the artwork that are of particular interest.


Completing official paper forms can be daunting and confusing. Clarif labels each section of the form, offering detailed explanations in the users chosen language.